New Mask Mandate

Dear Church Family,

Many have asked questions regarding Governor Dewine's announcement of a new mask mandate that went in to effect this past Thursday. While I could find no new restrictions for churches, I was encouraged to find that we are already following many of the protocols that businesses are mandated. I want to encourage you to follow this mandate unless you have one of the exemptions listed at the website, or have obtained a medical exemption from a physician.

While we encourage members of Bridge to follow the mandate, I want us to keep in mind the command in Scripture to "Prefer one another in love..." If someone chooses to not where a mask, I am encouraging you to respect their privacy and assume the best of your brothers. This means we should assume that those opting have one of the acceptable exemptions listed under the Governor's previous mandate. It is not our job to police one another. My concern is that we have made those with medical exemptions feel unwelcome at church, while others are feeling unsafe at church. My heart is to continue to find ways to serve those that are high risk as well as those that have a medical exemption from mask wearing.

If you choose not to wear a mask, we ask that you be sensitive to those in the high risk category or those that have family members in the high risk category. This means maintaining the recommended safe distance to protect those at greater risk from potential exposure.

Thank you for your sensitivity to this issue. Please do your part in protecting the unity of Bridge by choosing love over judgment. I hope to continue worshipping with you in the weeks ahead.

Dave Dickson
Lead Pastor | Elder