Brett & Rachel Tippey
LG Leaders

Join Brett and Rachel Tippey in the Munroe Falls area, as Brett leads a Sunday evening LG at 6 pm. Brett has facilitated a group during several sessions now, and is excited about getting to know new people and learning how to apply the Scriptures to our lives. 

David & Alicia Hoffman
LG Hosts

Join David and Alicia as they host with Brett leading the group.  David and Alicia have two boys and a little girl and they would love to have you join them for a time of study, fellowship and fun. 

Shawn & Mary Breon
LG Leaders

This Wednesday night LG meets at Bridge at 7pm and includes couples and singles.  The group has both new and longtime members.  Discussions are open and interactive with an emphasis on building relationships while growing closer to God.  

Tom & Jerra Weise
LG Leaders

Tom will be leading this LG at Bridge at 6pm on Sundays.  Tom and Jerra have two teenage children and they are looking forward to sharing life and growing together with the other members of their group.

Job & Leah Christiansen
LG Leader

Job is leading a group on Wednesday nights in Tallmadge consisting mostly of young married couples, but Job also has a heart for singles in their 20s.

Nathan and Taylor Rawdon
LG Hosts

Nathan and Taylor host a LG in Tallmadge on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. The group consists of mostly young couples, but all are welcome!